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PURE Series Shots

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Absolutely the BEST tasting Kratom shots on the market!!!

With 110mg of MITT, the PURE Series shots are clean and all natural with simply the best Kratom on earth and all natural flavors.

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Lemon Lime, Butter Scotch, Vanilla Mocha

9 reviews for PURE Series Shots

  1. Kevin

    Literally the BEST tasting kratom shots I have ever tried! Kratom usually tastes bitter and shitty but these are awesome!!!!

  2. Tim S

    I take 3 shots a day, and can’t believe how fast and great the taste is!

  3. Jesse Byerly

    All these shots hit hard and taste great. I highly recommend!

  4. Bryce

    Best tasting extract shot on the market!!!

  5. todd

    as a guy who has taken alot of extract shots in my day i have to say they taste horrible. with that said this is hands down the best tasting shots i have had i drink 2 butterscotch a day i love the sweetness it has.

  6. Jake

    So smooth and not harsh like the other shots I have tried.

  7. Eaton Ureboccs

    Amazing flavor profile. I drink one post workout to help with post workout fatigue and pain..!! love this product

  8. Lindsey

    Great flavor!

  9. Jaybird

    When KTorpixs say they use only the best I will testify on that being a true statement! This is the only time you will ever hear the words I will testify come out of my mouth. Seriously these guys kick ass and are always on point.

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