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The NEW 2K ENERGY Shot!  With and an INCREDIBLE all natural Pink Lightning Lemonade flavor, we brought together the purest kratom on earth with exclusive clinically studied neuro-enhancing ingredients to give you the very best ENERGY shot on the market!

Mitragynine (100mg), Caffeine anhydrous (100mg) and All Natural Flavors
K-Tropix Proprietary Blend: Teacrine & dynamine (100Mg)

5 reviews for 2K ENERGY Shot

  1. Brittnay Kateley

    Super good energy on the front end hit me fast long effect definitely recommend this product! Very smooth taste great as well.

  2. Brittnay Kateley

    Great taste, hit fast gave me a good boost on the front end. Made me Feel great and energized focused. Long lasting as well.

  3. Jesse Byerly

    This shot hit super hard with energy. I felt great for 4 hours and it tastes great

  4. Tilley Anello

    Great product! First off the taste was better than I’ve ever experienced. The shot hit super fast and I was in the zone. Got so much done. Felt great. Best part was NO CRASH!!! Definitely will purchase again.

  5. Jaybird

    This stuff rocks! 🤟 taste delightful and last tell nightfall.

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